Urban Worm Bag

Easy to Use. Fewer Hassles. Better Compost.

The Urban Worm Bag is a lightweight, yet very durable, single-compartment “flow-through” vermicomposting system.

At a Glance

  • Large capacity – The Urban Worm Bag offers more than 5 cu ft of vermicomposting volume – far more than most home “worm bins”.
  • Simplicity – one compartment – one opening for wastes to go in at top – one opening for finished vermicompost to be removed from the bottom. No messing around with different trays or screens etc.
  • Excellent Air Flow – oxygenation is one of the most important factors for fast, effective vermicomposting. The Urban Worm Bag is designed to provide much better air flow than most of the typical worm bins on the market.
  • Containment – a zippered lid helps to prevent flying pests from invading. Any that DO happen to become established won’t be nearly as much of a nuisance.

For a limited time, Urban Worm Bags without the stand can be ordered direct from the Urban Worm Company for $80 USD, or two for $140 USD (includes shipping to Canada).

Adding the stand nearly doubles the price due to high shipping costs, and there is also a greater chance you will pay additional duty taxes etc.

You can learn more about this special offer >>HERE<<