Worm Inns

IMPORTANT – We are not currently selling Worm Inns. Feel free to get in touch with the parent company >>HERE<< (based in USA but they ship to Canada).

Easy to Use. Fewer Hassles. Better Compost.

The Worm Inn is a lightweight, yet very durable, single-compartment “flow-through” vermicomposting system.

At a Glance

  • Large capacity – The Worm Inn Mega offers more than 4 cu ft of vermicomposting volume – far more than most home “worm bins”.
  • Simplicity – one compartment – one opening for wastes to go in at top – one opening for finished vermicompost to be removed from the bottom. No messing around with different trays or screens etc.
  • Outstanding Air Flow – oxygenation is one of the most important factors for fast, effective vermicomposting. The Worm Inn is quite possibly the most “breathable” home system on the market.
  • Containment – a zippered, mesh lid helps to prevent flying pests from invading. Any that DO happen to become established won’t be nearly as much of a nuisance.


***Mega Stand – IMPORTANT***
Stands are NOT included with Worm Inn Mega purchases (would greatly add to cost). Included is a set of plans for the wooden stand (you see in the pictures). It is very easy to build, and the supplies are relatively inexpensive.

*** Worm Inn MEGA ***

Available colors – Green, and Purple.

All Worm Inn Mega Purchases Include:
1) Plans for the easy-to-build DIY wooden stand
2) A medium bag of “Easy Worm Mix” (worm composting inoculum)*
3) Access to the private RWC Worm Inns Facebook group
4) Access to the RWC Worm Inns email list.
5) Ongoing vermicomposting support (email any time with your questions)
6) A copy of the new Worm Inn guide (pdf document).

* “Easy Worm Mix” is rich material taken from an active, healthy worm composting system. While it does contain plenty of Red Worms – and can in fact be used to stock a system as big as a Worm Inn Mega (as long as you are patient) – you MAY still want to purchase a larger quantity of Red Worms (1-3 lb) from another supplier.


Worm Inn Mega (SHIPPING INCUDED!) = $164 CAD


Worm Inn Mega (SHIPPING INCUDED!) = $166 CAD


Worm Inn Mega (SHIPPING INCUDED!) = $168 CAD