Composting Worms

Our primary composting worm product is called “Easy Worm Mix”. This is worm-rich material taken from our beds, added to a large breathable bag, and then packed with care inside a cardboard shipping box before being mailed out. This offers customers a great starter culture for any new vermicomposting system. Aside from containing plenty of adults, Easy Worm Mix contains loads of juveniles and cocoons as well – so you should expect to see your population grow quite quickly.

The remaining habitat material that comes in each bag will help to inoculate your system(s) with beneficial microbes and other helpful composting organisms, and just generally help to kickstart/accelerate the vermicomposting process. Since it’s material the worms are used to (unlike the usual worm shipping substrate, peat moss) – it should also help them to settle in to their new environment much more quickly as well.

For more information (along with step by step instructions), please refer to the Easy Worm Mix guide before placing your order.

Easy Worm Mix – Summary of Key Benefits

  • Less expensive (than “pounds of worms”).
  • Ships incredibly well (we’ve had boxes in transit for as much as a month and the worms were perfectly fine).
  • Worms settle into new home more easily.
  • Comes with valuable vermicomposting ecosystem.

Potential Limitations

  • MAY require a bit more patience – especially if you are stocking a larger system
  • Not ideal if you (for whatever reason) need an exact quantity of worms
  • Not ideal if you need larger worms (for fishing etc).
  • Not ideal if you are trying to boost the population in an existing system.
  • MAY not be ideal if you are using a stacking worm bin since your starter tray offers very limited volume.

We recommend 1 batch of Easy Worm Mix for a typical home “worm bin”.

If you would like to learn more and/or place an order, please follow the appropriate link (depending on where you are located) below:

Easy Worm Mix – Shipped Order Page
Easy Worm Mix – Pick-up Order Page
(Pick-up in Waterloo Ontario)