Important Shipping Information

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE: 2021 won’t be a normal season and I will only be filling pick-up orders (Waterloo Region pick-up location), on a very limited basis. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are trying to track down composting worms – and make sure to mention if you need them shipped (this plus location in subject line will help a lot). I will do my best to help! ***

~ We want the best for our customers. We want the best for our worms. ~

Please read through our important worm shipping information so you know what to expect.

1) Worms are sent according to a specific schedule – typically, if you order during a given week before Sunday the worms will go out the following week (order fulfillment tends to happen during the second half of the week). To ensure that your order gets included in the next shipping cycle it is recommended that you get your orders in before the weekend.

There are of course some exceptions to this rule. During slower periods we may actually be able to keep up with the orders as they come in. So an order placed early during a given week may actually go out that same week. On the flip-side, during busier periods there may actually be longer delays, but you will likely find notices on the website and/or in your confirmation email in this case.

Feel free to e-mail if you want to get an estimate on the shipping date for your order.

NOTE: When orders DO ship you should receive an email, with tracking info, from Canada Post. Make sure the email address associated with the order is one you check regularly.

2) Other factors can contribute to shipping delays – unlike stereo components or any other goods you can simply pack in a box a ship off, worms are living creatures and there are multiple factors that can have an impact on their effective/safe harvesting, packing and shipping.

Excessively hot, cold or rainy conditions can get in the way of effective/safe worm harvesting, and can commonly result in additional delays. We always want to ensure that the customers are receiving the best quality product and that the good health of the worms is maintained. We’re not willing to compromise on either of these for the sake of getting the worms sent off faster.

All that being said…

3) Our Easy Worm Mix does ship VERY well – people often assume that we need to use some sort of “same day” or “next day” delivery in order to ensure the safe arrival of our worms. This is actually not the case at all. Based on how we bag and pack our mixes, the worms are actually very tolerant of long transit times. As an example, during the summer of 2013 one of our packages was sent to the wrong address and ended up in transit for an entire MONTH! Thankfully it ended up being sent back to us because the worms were still very much alive (a little on the dry side perhaps but still in good shape to stock a new vermicomposting system)!

Of course, we aim for shipping times far less than a month (lol)! We use Canada Post “Expedited” shipping which offers delivery times of 1-7 business days for most regions in Canada (within Ontario and Quebec it’s more often 1-3 days).

If you have ANY questions/concerns don’t hesitate to drop us an email anytime.

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