About Us

Worm Composting Canada is part of the ‘Compost Guy’ family of websites created and managed by Bentley “Compost Guy” Christie.

Bentley’s passion for vermicomposting began more than 12 years ago after being given his first small batch of worms by a co-worker (at an environmental consulting firm, where he was working at the time). Since then, he has started up countless worm composting systems of all shapes and sizes and his interest in the field has only continued to grow.

Numerous years as a ‘professional student’ (well, that’s what his friends called him, anyway!) served to not only deepen Bentley’s appreciation for the science of vermicomposting, and composting in general, but also made him clearly aware of the fact that he was not meant to become an academic – so back to the ‘real world’ he went, somehow ending up in the field of web marketing and development. What seemed like a strange vocational choice at the time has become the ultimate tool for helping Bentley share his passion for composting with countless others!

The primary goal of Worm Composting Canada is to help people to get involved in and excited about the field of vermicomposting. We can provide you with the supplies you need to get started and the information and support to help ensure that your worm composting experience is as enjoyable as possible!

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to say hi, feel free to send us an e-mail.

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