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Worm Composting Canada is a small vermicomposting business based in Waterloo Region (Ontario, Canada). We currently sell Red Wiggler Worms (Eisenia fetida) for worm composting, fishing and live food. We have a major focus in our local region - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, Ontario - but are also happy to ship our worms elsewhere in Canada. If you happen to be based in the United States, the good news is that we've partnered with a fantastic supplier south of the border, and thus can easily fill U.S. orders as well. Please contact us for more information.

Just so you know, worm composting is much more than just a business for us here at WCC - it is an all-consuming passion! Aside from selling worms and supplies, we hope to share this passion with as many people as we possibly can! To learn more about us and our vision - be sure to check out our About Us page.

Composting Worms!

Red Wigglers

Our Composting Worm Mix is a great choice for those interested in a lower-cost - yet still highly effective - alternative to the more typical "pound(s) of worms".

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This Just In...

Super Simple Breathable Bucket Worm Bin

This season (2020) I am putting most of my focus on helping people harness the “power” of composting worms in outdoor systems. I am selling an “outdoor grade” version of Easy Worm Mix – something I will write more about in another blog post. But I still want to help those interested in starting up […]

Easy Worm Mix 2019 – Important!

As I wrote in my last post, order preparation for Easy Worm Mix has changed a fair bit this season. Instead of relying on outdoor production beds (which translates into a later start, supply bottlenecks throughout the year, and a late fall season shut-down), I’ve been rolling out a new indoor production system. Each starter […]

Red Worms – Spring 2019 Update

Spring is nearly here (although, it still feels like January as I type this in early March!), and unlike past seasons, it is almost time for our “official opening” (March 18, 2019). Normally, I would need to wait for outdoor beds to thaw out and worms to get active again, but thanks to a new […]

Easy Worm Mix Bins Update

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about my “Easy Worm Mix Test Bin(s)”. At the end of April I made a video showing how I “split” the bin, leaving me with two separate systems. Then, in May, I wrote about (on my Red Worm Composting website) using grass thatch as a “living material” […]