Make A Worm Bin

On our ‘Getting Started‘ page, we discussed the various important components of a successful vermicomposting system. Again, you’ll need 1) A container 2) Some ‘bedding’, 3) Some Food Waste and 4) Composting Worms.

In this section, we’ll get into the specifics of actually setting up your own homemade worm bin. I have put together a couple of YouTube videos outlining how you can easily do so, and will also provide some written instructions further down the page as well.

This video shows how to set up a basic Rubbermaid worm bin

This video shows how to set up a ‘deluxe’ system – a worm bin with drainage reservoir.

This video shows how to make a slightly “souped-up” version of the typical “Rubbermaid” worm bin – I actually used to sell these bins on this site (but eventually decided to simply provide DIY instructions instead)