European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis)

European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) are a larger cousin of the Red Worm (Eisenia fetida / andrei). Although not as widely used for vermicomposting, they are an excellent worm for the job. The added bonus is that their larger size makes them much better suited as a fishing worm than Red Worms.

Like Reds they are tolerant of a wide range of conditions – but their preferences are somewhat different. Generally, they prefer a habitat with a higher moisture content and greater depth. Some claim they are not well suited for most flow-through systems since they prefer to stay down near the bottom rather than migrating upwards as more material is added, the way that Red Worms do. Our own testing has verified this for larger flow-through beds, but we’ve been surprised by how well Euros have done in a stacking system. They almost seem to move upwards more readily than the Red Worms! (We will continue to test this and provide updates on the blog)

Euros are thought to be more at home in soil than Red Worms, but it is still recommended that you provide them with a rich source of organic matter (eg manure) and only use a soil mix (with no fertilizer salts in it) that provides them with adequate aeration. These worms are NOT intended for soil rehabilitation (although they can certainly help indirectly). Here are some other ways you can use these worms (and Red Worms) in your yards and gardens: Gardening with Composting Worms.

IMPORTANT – We are not currently selling European Nightcrawlers (only Red Worms). We recommend you get in touch with our friends at Country Bait in Moorefield ON, since they tend to have a constant supply of them (and great pricing).