Red (Wiggler) Worms

Red Worms (Eisenia fetida) are the most commonly used (and arguably the most versatile) variety of composting worm. They are generally 2-4 inches in length with a reddish/purple colour, but there appearance and overall physical characteristics can actually vary quite considerably. They can range in colour from a light orange all the way to dark purple, sometimes with stripes, other times without. One characteristic that does seem to be fairly consistent among specimens of this species is the yellow tail tip.

Red Worms are very tolerant of a wide range of temperatures – from the freezing mark all the way to 35 Celsius, so they do very well both indoors and outdoors. According to Edwards (1988)* the optimal breeding temperature for Red Worms is 15-20 C, while the optimal temp for maximum growth and waste processing ability is closer to 25 C.

This species breeds quite readily in worm bins/beds, assuming their basic needs are met. In order to maximize your chances for success we highly recommend setting up your system prior to ordering worms or at least while waiting for them to arrive. This simply involves mixing bedding with ample quantities of food material, moistening then letting it sit in whatever container you are going to be using.

For more information about setting up a worm bin be sure to refer to our ‘How-To‘ section.

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* Edwards, C.A. 1988. Breakdown of animal, vegetable and industrial organic wastes by earthworms. In: “Earthworms in waste and environmental management”. Edwards, C.A. & Neuhauser, E.F. (eds). SPB Academic Publishing Co, The Hague, pp. 21-31.