2023 – Important Update

May 30, 2023

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to wind things down completely with the business this season (2023), but I do have some products available for anyone able to pick up in Waterloo Region.

As of early June, I should have:

– 30 to 40 Easy Worm Mix starter cultures (they will come in 5 gallon HDX bins)
– 2 older model Urban Worm Bags with stands (refurbished)
– Several “VermiBag” systems
– Several “Worm Inn” systems
– Muliple plastic tubs well-suited for worm composting (used but cleaned out)
– Comfrey root starters (Comfrey is fantastic for composting, among other things)
– A 2-bin “Bokashi Living” starter kit (partially used but perfect for getting started)

Again, unfortunately I won’t be shipping anything, so pick-up in Waterloo Region is required.

As always, all purchases still include any and all assistance/guidance you might need.

If you would like to learn more and get in touch, please visit
>> this information page <<

Thanks very much!


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