Red Worms – Spring 2019 Update

March 7, 2019

Spring is nearly here (although, it still feels like January as I type this in early March!), and unlike past seasons, it is almost time for our “official opening” (March 18, 2019). Normally, I would need to wait for outdoor beds to thaw out and worms to get active again, but thanks to a new 4-season outdoor bed and a brand new indoor production approach, I’m already very close to being “ready” for order-fulfillment.

Aside from helping me get a nice early start, this is good news for WCC customers because:

1) It is a lot less likely I will end up with worm supply bottlenecks this year. Outdoor beds are great – but Mother Nature makes things challenging at times (to say the least), and there isn’t always a steady, predictable supply of worms available. I should be able to start seasons earlier and end them later than normal (potentially even remaining open during the winter for local pick-ups).

2) Easy Worm Mix production will now be highly-controlled and optimized, resulting in an even higher-quality Red Worm culture mix for customers.

3) I should end up with even more time for customer support (unlimited support is included), and hopefully new website content creation as well.

Pre-ordering opened up back in early February, and quite a few people have already reserved their bag(s) of Easy Worm Mix. If you are hoping to get yours by late March or early April I highly recommend getting your order in soon. Once the snow really starts to melt, a lot more people will be thinking composting, and demand may outstrip even the improved supply.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!


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