The Worm Inns are HERE!

November 19, 2008

Worm Inn on a Laundry Hamper Stand

For some reason I thought I had written a post announcing the arrival of my Worm Inns. A recent email from someone inquiring if I’d have them available in time for Christmas served to jog my memory (thanks again, Kirk!) and make me realize that a blog update is way overdue.

The Worm Inn pictured to the right is my own test model. I originally had it hanging from the ceiling in my basement, but ended up transferring it to a laundry hamper stand after finding a nice one at Canadian Tire on the weekend. As you can see, it works quite nicely as a holder for the system.

My first batch of Worm Inns will be a bit of a test to gauge interest – so I only have one or two (at most) of each colour/design. I am going to put together a proper Worm Inn info section (with pictures) on the Worm Bins page, but in the meantime, here are the different options and the numbers available:

Flower Power – 1
Beige – 1
Dark Brown – 2
Maroon – 2
Green – 1
Camouflage – 1 (this is the design pictured above)
Purple – 1
Black – 1