Spring 2011

April 11, 2011

My apologies for leaving the blog unattended for SO long! The good news is that I’m finally getting around to updating the site and getting things rolling for the 2011 “worm season”!

As some of you (who have been in touch recently) will know, this delayed spring certainly hasn’t helped me get things rolling in terms of filling worm orders. I am now getting ready to start taking “Compost Ecosystem” (aka “Eco-Mix”) orders (hopefully starting this week), but “Red Worm Culture” bags won’t be available until later in the month.

In an effort to make things more efficient, I’d decided to add online ordering to the site this year. In case you are wondering why I haven’t done so already it’s primarily because Canada Post is simply far too unpredictable and highly variable with their shipping rates/times. If I was shipping stereo components or something like that it wouldn’t really matter, but with live organisms this is certainly a very important consideration. As such, I’ve always handled orders on a case by case basis. While this certainly works just fine, as you might imagine it is WAY too time consuming, so I need to try something new this year.

So I’ve decided to pare down my product offerings and to come up with all-inclusive pricing for the regions I’m able to ship to. I’ll write more about this fairly soon, but the bottom-line is that ONTARIO|MANITOBA|QUEBEC will be my primary shipping range – the only provinces I will be shipping Red Worm Culture to – but I will ship Compost Ecosystem to BC|AB|SK|NB|NS|PEI.

For those who are still a wee bit confused about all this “Compost Ecosystem”/”Red Worm Culture” stuff, the good news is that I will finally be creating a video explaining what exactly these are and how they differ from one another. It a nutshell, the Ecosystem mix has a lower concentration of worms in it (although I’m actually including more worms in the Eco-Mix this year than in previous years) – but it’s still a GREAT mix for inoculating a composting system (especially your typical “backyard composter”). Apart from the worms, the material typically contains plenty of worm cocoons, beneficial microbes, and a wide array of other composting critters.

Anyway -that’s basically it for now! You can definitely expect to see more posts on the blog this year and more exciting stuff coming your way!
Stay tuned!