Easy Worm Mix Bin Update

April 9, 2015

Yesterday (April 8th) I shot a video showing how my Easy Worm Mix bin (the one used as an example in the Easy Worm Mix Guide) is coming along.

Since starting it up on March 16th, I have fed the bin twice, not including the food added when I set up the system:
March 27th – 1.54 kg (3.40 lb)
April 5th – 1.60 kg (3.53 lb)

I plan to feed again tomorrow.

For a brand new enclosed plastic tub worm bin, these are pretty impressive numbers.

Speaking of “impressive numbers”, if you watch the video you`ll be able to get a feel for the sheer quantity of worms in the system. Easy Worm Mix might not look like much fresh out of the bag, but it`s important to remember that a lot of the Red Worms come as tiny hatchlings, and unhatched cocoons (each of these releases an average of 3 babies), and these worms grow quickly when you provide them with the right environment.

Plus, the “living material” that comes in the mix, when mixed in with optimized food wastes (chopped up really well, and frozen-then-thawed), greatly accelerates the process. There is no real lag time between when the food is added and when the worms start moving into it and actively feeding.

During my quick exploration yesterday I kept hitting on incredibly dense pockets of worms in my most recent feeding zone.

Tomorrow I plan to shoot a video showing exactly how I am adding food to the system.

Stay tuned!


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