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October 11, 2008

I know there aren’t many people keenly watching this blog, but I just thought I should pop by to offer an apology to anyone who has been expecting more frequent posts. It has been a pretty crazy summer, with a lot on the go. I am definitely going to try to post more often from here on out though.

One important update I should mention (written about elsewhere) is the fact that my project with Crossroads restaurant was discontinued at the end of August. Unfortunately I just couldn’t handle all the waste materials, and more importantly all the time and energy required to handle these materials. I definitely bit off more than I could chew. I was hopeful that Anton (the owner) would let me scale back and take only certain waste materials, but it seems it’s an ‘all or nothing’ deal, so I am not longer receiving any wastes from them.

It was a hugely valuable learning experience for me, and hopefully the Crossroads folks aren’t left feeling even less enthusiastic about this sort of project. They should be proud – over the course of several months they helped to divert literally tons of organic waste from the landfill! Not only was it diverted, but it was used to create an incredibly bountiful garden (the tomato and zucchini harvest was insane), thanks to the help of my wiggling friends. I also got some nice pumpkins out of the deal (grown in my ‘Sandbox Self-Fertilizing Garden‘).

I am definitely enjoying a somewhat more relaxed fall, but still have a lot on the go so there is never a dull moment. For some reason, red worm orders have really picked up. I guess now that people are out of vacation mode they are once again thinking about this sort of thing.

With the cold weather approaching, now is a great time to start indoor composting with your very own worm bin. Get all that ‘black gold’ ready for the spring growing season!

Ok – I think that’s enough for now. Again, you should expect to see more from me in coming weeks/months.


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