Bag Equivalents

August 14, 2014

IMPORTANT UPDATE: March 17th 2015

We now sell a product called Easy Worm Mix – it comes in a single larger bag (like the white bag shown below). It is no longer based on “bag equivalents”.

ALL INFORMATION BELOW IS NO LONGER RELEVANT – Refer to the Composting Worms page for up to date product information.

Yesterday I opened up a box of (what I thought were) my usual breathable worm bags, only to realize with horror that I had ordered a much larger size by accident. After some initial cursing and teeth gnashing , I reached the conclusion that I could still use the bags. I’d simply switch from individual bags to “bag equivalents”.

What exactly are “bag equivalents”?

I will fill the smaller bags (luckily I still had a handful of them when the new bags arrived) with Composting Worm Mix and then transfer the worm-rich material into one of the larger bags before packing and shipping, or handing directly to a customer.

Same quantity of worm mix – the only difference is that it comes in a single bag (or two bags, in the case of larger pick-up orders).

What’s funny is that I actually think this could prove to be a superior approach. The single bag is easier to pack (and protect), and the worms have even more of a consistent, supportive environment to dwell in before being transferred to their new home.


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