Splitting The Easy Worm Mix Test Bin

April 22, 2015

Earlier today I “split” my Easy Worm Mix test bin and then created a video to show you how it was done (and to provide you with some info on “splitting” in general).

I had hoped to get to this last week, but alas things have been pretty busy (tis the season! lol).

Everything still looked great inside the system. It looked as though the worms had literally processed ALL the food waste I’d added. There even seemed to be some roaming around on the sides of the bin (likely due to higher moisture levels up top as the upper bedding layer became moistened – but also could be an indication of hunger).

With the worm population split between two systems, my hunch is that there will be a LOT of worm reproduction going on over the next couple of months.

As touched on in the video, I’ll probably wait for at least a few days (realistically, it will probably be early next week) before adding more food to both bins.

I’ll definitely keep you posted!

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