The Worm Inn

October 11, 2008

The Worm Inn

I totally forgot to mention in my update post that I will have a brand new vermicomposting system available for sale very soon. It is called the ‘Worm Inn‘, and was actually created by my good friend, Robyn Crispe. There is a bit of a funny back story to all this as well.

Some time ago I came up with a very kooky vermicomposter idea called the “Creepy Pants Vermicomposter” – basically an old pair of jeans filled with bedding and composting worms, then fed with food waste. In theory it looked good, since it was a really inexpensive way to create your own ‘flow-through’ vermicomposting system – but in reality it was a bit of a mess. Not too surprisingly, the pant legs started to grow mold, and I even ended up with a serious infestation of fungus gnats as well.

Little did I know that, despite the limitations of the Creep Pants, I still somehow managed to inspire another avid vermicomposter to come up with her own version – which as you can see is a far cry from my moldy creepy pants.

Robyn has not only created a really cool system for herself, but she is REALLY running with this – turning her creation into a full-fledged business venture. Needless to say, I want to see her do really well with this, and I love the look of the Inn, so I’ve decided to start promoting them as well. I will be selling them in the US (via drop-shipping) on Red Worm Composting, and will be testing them out in the ‘real world’ up here in Canada (promoted via this website). I will of course be testing one out myself, and will be sure to write more about that in coming weeks once my first shipment arrives.

Stay tuned!


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