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May 8, 2008

Well, this is the first official (non-test) post here on the new site! We are starting to get things rolling here and should be in full swing within a few weeks.

By the way, you’ll notice that I use the term “we” a fair bit on the site. While it is primarily just a ME at the moment, and am working closely with a number of people, and enlisting the help of family and friends as well. So don’t worry – it’s not some kind of multiple personality disorder or anything like that!

Here’s where we (there I go again – haha) stand as far as worms and other products goes…

Currently we have Red Worms (Eisenia fetida) ready to be sold – smaller, orders are preferable for the next couple weeks while I get myself organized a little.

I should be ready to start selling European Nightcrawlers (Eisenia hortensis) before the end of the month (May), but unfortunately just don’t have enough to part with any at the moment.

We are also going to be selling other products from the website, such as worm bins, castings and biodegradable waste bags (the list of products will continue to grow) – hopefully by the end of the month!

As far as ordering goes – for now, please just send me an e-mail to let me know you are interested in making a purchase and we will take it from there.
I’m going to be using Paypal as my payment handler – they have a very secure online payment system. For those who have their own Paypal account it will simply withdraw money from that account, while for those who don’t it simply let’s you pay by credit card (I’m really happy they changed the policy – previously in Canada you had to have a paypal account in order to use it). Just so you know, you won’t see ‘Worm Composting Canada’ on the receipt (issued by Paypal) – it will be ‘Compost Guy’ and/or my name.

As mentioned on the homepage, if you are a U.S. resident hoping to purchase worms please fire me an email. I am working closely with a great supplier south of the border so we are definitely able to help you get your worms.

Ok, that’s all for now! If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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