Worm Inn Pro – COMING SOON!

July 8, 2009

Worm Inn Pro

I’ve been sold out of ‘Worm Inns’ for quite some time now, and have decided to discontinue selling my ‘mini’ worm bin system/kits (apologies for not updating the page until today!), but I am very happy to announce that my second batch of Worm Inns are on there way to me now, and will hopefully be here by the end of next week (July 17, 2009).

I’ve decided to no longer carry the regular Worm Inns, opting instead for the new ‘Worm Inn Pro’. This model is similar to the ‘regular’ version in every way except for the lid design. The original screen simply attached via velcro in four spots – in the Worm Inn Pro the screen is attached via a continuous zipper. In my opinion this is a huge improvement since it will greatly improve the chances of keeping pesky flying bugs (like fruit flies and fungus gnats) out of the system. Should you happen to develop an infestion, it will also help to keep it contained a lot more easily.

I should mention that this system does NOT come with a stand, but I’ve found that an inexpensive laundry hamper stand can work very well to support the Inn. Alternatively, you may opt to simply hang the system using bungy cords or something similar.

I currently have a couple of the older versions up and running in my basement, and have been really pleased with the results. I harvested beautiful vermicompost from my original Worm Inn several months ago, and will be doing so again very soon.

I plan to write more about my experiences with the Worm Inn and will be making a video about the system as well. If you would like to learn more, or reserve a Worm Inn Pro (or make reservations for your worms at the Inn? haha) be sure to fire me an email. Just so you know, I’ll only have 10 units (5 colours) in my first batch, so they will likely go pretty fast.

To learn more, and to see what colours are available, be sure to check out the ‘bins and kits‘ page.


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