Biobag Breaks Down Faster Than Expected

June 4, 2008

Just before going away for a bit of a vacation in the middle of May, I decided to test out a couple of the Biobags I had recently received in the mail. I filled one of the doggy poop bags with some bean salad (past its prime) and tossed it into the middle of a large worm bin containing 5 lbs of hungry Red Wigglers. I then went away for two weeks.

When I got back I looked around in the bin and could find NO trace of the bag or its contents. Finally, a number of days later I did manage to find one remnant (shown in the picture above). I guess those worms were really hungry!

I’ve been testing Biobag Food Waste Bags in my outdoor composters as well. I haven’t seen results quite so dramatic, but they certainly seem to be breaking down quite nicely.

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