Happy Earth Day!

April 22, 2009

I just wanted to write a quick post wishing everyone a Happy Earth Day!
Waterloo region is distributing rain barrels again this year (on Saturday April 25th) – they cost $30, but that is very cheap considering what they cost at stores (closer to $100). Learn more >>here<<. I got one of these barrels a couple of years ago and have really appreciated having it. I actually keep a couple of plastic garbage cans for water storage as well. Whenever my main barrel fills up I transfer water over to the other bins, thus freeing up more space in the barrel, rather than letting it overflow. I end up with a lot more rain water for use around the property. The region is also continuing to distribute FREE backyard composters this year as well (available at your local landfill station) - I highly recommend you take advantage of this if you have not already done so. In case you are wondering, composting worms work very well in one of these systems, but it is important to make sure you keep it moist (since they don’t let rain in), and also provide the worms with a decent habitat (i.e. a bunch of grass clippings and yard debris won’t cut it). I will likely be writing a post about this very soon so stay tuned!

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