Spring has Sprung

April 17, 2009

Well, it has been ages since my last blog post here (I’ve remained quite active over on the Red Worm Composting blog) – I should definitely get things rolling again here!

As some of you will know, I had a bit of a slow period during the long winter months and had to essentially close up shop until the end of March. I am happy to report that we are back in action and ready for worm orders.

Now is a great time to get your backyard composting systems back up and operational. Many don’t realize it, but composting worms are actually extremely well suited to life in one of these systems – as long as you provide them with a nice moist habitat and plenty of carbon-rich materials (fall leaves, shredded cardboard etc) they should thrive. They will also help to speed up the composting process greatly!

Unfortunately the European Nightcrawler remains on the ‘most wanted’ list for many people (myself included) – it doesn’t look good for this season I’m afraid – but hopefully I will have a good stock of them at SOME point. I will certainly let everyone know if/when this happens.

The good news is that I have a variety of options for those who want to compost with Red Worms. A great option for anyone simply wanting to inoculate their backyard composter is the “Compost Ecosystem” bag – while cheaper than 1/4 lb of worms, this little ‘bag of life’ can really pack a punch – it is full of Red Worm cocoons, and lots of other critters that will help get your composting system going. It is like a ‘composting activator’ on steroids.

For those of you who want to get a little more serious with your vermicomposting efforts (at least in terms of seeing results more quickly), selecting one of our other worm order options will be the way to go. If you purchase Compost Ecosystem along with a worm order you will also get a significant discount. For 1/4 lb orders, you can get an Ecobag for an additional $7 ($3 off regular price), and for orders of 1/2 lb and above, your Ecobags will be $5 (half price).

Worm orders come with some compost ecosystem as well, but adding some extra to your system is not a bad idea – this is the habitat these worms are used to so it can really help them settle in more quickly, not to mention boosting future populations of worms (did you know that each worm cocoon hatches an average of 3 new worms?).

Some will be disappointed to hear that I’ve decided to discontinue selling worm bin Kits (still need to update that page). I will likely be making a new video to show you exactly how I made these bins – I love helping people do these sorts of things themselves anyway. Saves customers money, and let’s me focus on what I love to do – growing worms!

We DO still have one ‘Worm Inn’ left – it is purple. This is the very last one to sell for $45 – with the current exchange range, at that price I’m basically selling the system at a loss.

I recently harvested worm compost from the bottom of one of my two active Worm Inns and was hugely impressed with the quality of the material – beautiful ‘black gold’. So much nicer than the sludge I’ve grown accustomed to finding in the bottom of an enclosed plastic bin. It’s amazing what a little extra air flow can do!

I also still have lots of food scrap holders and biobags, all priced to clear!

Ok – I think that’s enough for one blog post. I hope to start posting a lot more regularly in coming weeks.


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